Better Business For All

Hopefully you have a good relationship with local regulators such as Environmental Health, Trading Standards, Licensing and Fire Safety, knowing who to call for clear, understandable jargon-free advice and guidance. Or is there more you think local regulators can do to support you and your business to grow?


Local regulators across 13 councils and fire authorities in the South East Midlands Local Enterprise Partnership (SEMLEP) area are committed to working in partnership to improve their relationship with businesses, identify and understand the issues faced by businesses like yours, and working with you to shape effective support, advice and guidance to assist you to comply with law. And by doing that it will give you a competitive edge, saving you time and money, giving you peace of mind and giving you the best opportunity to grow and thrive.

This work is called Better Business for All and is strongly supported by SEMLEP which is focused on economic growth and increased employment, the FSB and Chambers of Commerce.

We are training officers to give them a better understanding of business needs and identifying from businesses like yours what we can do to improve how we work with you. We are keen to hear from you about your experiences of local regulation – good and bad and any suggestions you may have. Just email

Businesses are already benefiting from a change in the way local regulators are working with them. Click on the case studies section to find out how businesses have benefited.

For more information on the Government’s Better Business for All partnership, click here

Of course, if you want specific regulatory advice you can click on the links below to take you to the relevant council webpages.

Bedford Borough Council
Central Beds
Corby Borough Council
Daventry District Council
Kettering BC
Luton Borough Council
Milton Keynes Council
Northampton Borough Council