Jane Dell


Velocity Growth Hub Adviser (Aylesbury Vale)

Buckinghamshire Business First is represented by Jane Dell, who is the Business Adviser for Aylesbury Vale

Ask her about:

Business Management – Working in both the corporate and SME sectors she has successful managed businesses at board level, juggling all aspects including people, resources, purchasing and sales, bringing all together in recent years as an accredited Business Adviser.

Direct Marketing – Utilising all aspects of direct marketing including catalogues, direct mail, email marketing and more recently social media. Jane has put these to good use and seen proven growth results acorss a variety of business sectors.

Strategic Growth Plans – With an aptitude for setting realistic plans and action points, Jane has worked with many businesses as a Business Adviser and been proven to be their catalyst for strategic growth.


Product Development – Jane knows how to build strong relationships with suppliers, and evaluating product and market trends in order to develop product ranges and services that are an integral part of a strategic growth plan.

Marketing – Having worked as a Merchandiser in the buying officers for a high street retailer, Jane offers a blend of skills and knowledge of both buying and range selection together with merchandising know how to ensure that the right products get to the right place at the right time.

Question Time

Tea or Coffee

Both! Coffee in the morning, Tea in the afternoon, please!

First record you bought

Fleetwood Mac – Rumours

Eastenders or Coronation Street


If your House was on fire, what’s the one thing you’d rescue

My twin children, you can’t take one without the other

What did you study at University

Business Management

Favourite Holiday destination

Love going to islands – Isles of Scilly are wonderful

You’re throwing a dinner party, what do you cook?

Whatever, is right for the occasion and the people

Best piece of advice you’re ever received?

Believe in yourself; plan, keep reviewing and make it happen

What tip would you give to someone starting out in Business?

Research the market thoroughly, make a plan, and seek advice from people with relevant experience

Why should I come to see you and Velocity?

To receive practical business support and advice, links to relevant people in your business sector and area