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23 March 2018

Now is the best time to aim for growth

Should you aim for growth? With Brexit negotiations and warnings on the impact on growth hitting the headlines regularly, we’d be forgiven in thinking business …

21 March 2018

The National Apprenticeship Show- Could an apprentice benefit your business?

Did you attend the National Apprenticeship Show? If not, here’s everything you need to know. Apprenticeship training helps employees to improve their skills, which benefits …

13 March 2018

SME Bedfordshire Business Awards

SME Bedfordshire Business Awards Get the ‘optimum’ endorsement for your business achievements. Applications for the 2018 Bedfordshire Business Awards are open! These awards provide your …

13 March 2018

Midlands Engine Trade Visit to Tokyo

Japan – land of the rising sun, samurai, tea ceremonies…and thriving automotive and advanced engineering sectors. Stereotypes? Well, maybe. But every country has a strong …

2 March 2018

Are you a game-changer?

New grant-funding opportunities are announced to help businesses develop ideas for disruptive technology or business – products or services – that have the potential to …

European Union
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