The Velocity Growth Hub can help you and your business with free guidance on the optimum routes to embed R&D within your products and services.

The UK excels in innovation, research and development, and dynamic innovative companies are vital contributors to our economic growth, not least here in the South East Midlands. So if you want to take either the first step or an additional step on the R&D pathway then the Velocity Growth Hub will support you through our specialist Business Advisers to access the resources for research and development of your new products and services that will allow your business to flourish and prosper.

If you haven’t done so already, please register your profile so that we can keep you updated on the R&D opportunities that are available to you and your business. You can register using the link at the top of the page or you can contact us and speak to one of our Specialist Business Advisers at

Our R&D support is designed to help ensure that your business remains competitive and can expand. The Velocity Growth Hub can support many R&D activities including developing and marketing new products, with qualified and experienced help available to investigate and develop new ideas, including pre-production prototypes, concept and final design, plus guidance on the technical, legislative and intellectual property requirements. Where appropriate access collaborative networks, including academic linkages through the South East Midlands Universities group (SEMU) whose members have developed strong industry working relationships to encourage growth through product and service development.

Additionally a great online resource is the Technology Strategy Board which has the simple aim to accelerate economic growth by stimulating and supporting business-led innovation.   Their A to Z of tools gives an excellent overview of what is on offer:

The South East Midlands is already home to many centres of innovation; these can be a fantastic staring point for starting your R&D Journey. Some examples include:

Remember that although R&D may appear complex and initially daunting, you are not alone in the South East Midlands and help and guide is always available from our Specialist Business Advisers at