The Velocity Growth Hub provides free guidance on the best options to meet your business skills and training needs and so support your business growth ambitions.

The Velocity Growth Hub will help steer you in the right direction to access the skills your business needs to grow. We can guide you through the training initiatives available to meet your current and future business needs.

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If you are looking for specific online training and skills development resources the following Web links may be helpful, but do remember that our dedicated business advisers will also be happy to assist and guide you on how to best meet your existing and future workforce development needs.

Often a great starting point for local information is your nearest College of Further Education or University. The South East Midlands is fortunate to be home to several world class institutions and there is close collaboration between all our local Colleges and Universities through the recently established SEMC and SEMU groups. Contact information for the principal Colleges and Universities within the South East Midlands is provided lower down this page.

Also refer our “Apprenticeship Schemes” section.


National Skills Academies

The National Skills Academies provide an excellent resource for sector specific guidance on developing skills. The National Skills Academies all are employer-led, government validated organisations that are key to developing the specialist skills for key sectors and sub-sectors of the economy. Follow the links below for more information for the most relevant business sector:



Local Further and Higher Education Links